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Primecorp Commercial Realty Inc. Takes Corporate Social Responsibility to Heart

At Primecorp Commercial Realty Inc., we take pride in our efforts to provide the highest level of service for our commercial real estate clients through our experienced brokers, sophisticated research and analysis, and our customized marketing materials. Equally, we take the notion of corporate social responsibility to heart through our active involvement in many charities throughout the regions in which we operate, such as: the YMCA, the United Way, the Ottawa Hospital, the Toronto General and Western Hospital Foundation, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and several more.

Primecorp is a Proud Platinum Sponsor of Music For The Heart

Primecorp is very pleased to announce that, once again, we are signed up as a platinum sponsor for an extremely worthwhile local charity event in Ottawa: Music For The Heart 2017. Monday, February 6th, 2017 will be an evening of musical celebration in support of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute to raise funds for their world-renowned cardiac care and research efforts to combat heart disease; which, according to Statistics Canada, accounts for 22% of all deaths nationally, making this dreadful disease the second leading cause of death in Canada - National Post.

Heart Disease is the Second Leading Cause of Death in Canada

Most Canadian families have had someone close to them affected by the terrible consequences of heart disease. Primecorp is no exception as one of our founding partners and President, Nick Pantieras, had a potentially fatal heart attack at the youthful age of 37 years old while playing a game of pickup hockey.

Thanks to the skillful care of a young cardiac surgical prodigy, Dr. Marc Ruel, who is now the Chief of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Nick pulled through to the tremendous relief of his wife and young children, who got to share the joys of growing up with their dad around. Dr. Ruel was even able to allow Nick the full use of his arms, so he could continue his musical pursuits, by using arteries from his chest for the procedure. For coverage of Nick’s incredible story, have a look at this clip from CTV News which aired this week.

Leaders at Heart Raises over 1 Million Dollars

Nick’s gratitude, stemming from this life-saving event, prompted him to work with other dynamic business professionals in the Ottawa area to form Leaders at Heart, which is dedicated to developing the future volunteer and philanthropic leadership for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute:

We are fortunate to have this world-class institute in our own backyard. As you know, I am here today because of the excellent care I received at the Institute. – Nick Pantieras

Leaders at Heart raised over 1 Million dollars in its first ten years of existence and will be once again presenting this year’s edition of Music For The Heart, which is expected to be even more successful than its inauguration last year. This magical evening will raise much-needed funds for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute while delighting the spirits of those in attendance with heartwarming musical performances at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

A Spectacular Evening for a Very Worthy Cause

Ottawa Symphony Orchestra: Music For The Heart Ottawa Symphony Orchestra

This spectacular evening will commence with a Musical Interlude and VIP Pre-Show Cocktail Reception, at the NAC’s Rehersal Hall A, during which those in attendance can expect a performance by tenor vocalist and world-renowned cardiac surgeon, Dr. Fraser Rubens, accompanied by soprano Maghan McPhee and pianist Matthew Larkin.

The Ottawa Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Alain Trudel and featuring Blake Pouliot on violin, will then provide a much-anticipated performance of The Americas, beginning with Arturo Márquez’s Veracuzian inspired Danzón no. 2, followed by Blake Pouliot’s rendition of Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s virtuosic Violin concerto op. 35. Scott Good’s uniquely titled piece, “What the Chickpea said to the Cook,” will be followed by Harry Freedman’s rhythmic and timbral Oiseaux Exotiques. The evening concludes with Bernstein’s vibrant Symphonic Dances from West Side Story.

Unfortunately, tickets for this year’s Music For The Heart are sold out, but seeing as February is Heart Month, why not join Primecorp Commercial Realty Inc. and Leaders at Heart in directly supporting the University of Ottawa Heart Institute with a much-appreciated donation?



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