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Primecorp’s Retail Team Helps Set Up First Canadian Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar Location in Ottawa’s Byward Market

Photos Courtesy of Starbucks Canada

The Retail market in Ottawa has increasingly been attracting luxury retailers to the area. With impressive rates of stability and high household income, Ottawa’s retail market has caught the attention of stores like Tiffany’s, Nordstrom, Kate Spade, and more. Increasingly, retailers are choosing Ottawa to be the first location of their Canadian Expansion and this trend is exemplified in the recent opening of the Starbucks Reserve Bar concept in the Byward Market.

Ottawa Chosen for Premier Canadian Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar Location

Ottawa was chosen as Starbucks’ premier Canadian Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar location, opening their doors at 62 York Street in the Byward Market. With its distinctive conserved masonry stone walls, the two-storey heritage building is instantly recognisable as a staple of the Market.

Starbucks Canada Reserve Byward Market First Canadian Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar, 62 York St., Byward Market, Ottawa

Primecorp Commercial Realty’s own Candice Lerner-Fry was the one to assist Starbucks in setting up this new location. With our Retail Team’s superior operation knowledge of the Ottawa market and our working relationship with landlords throughout the city, we were able to secure the ideal location for the new Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar:

Tourism in Ottawa can help propel a Brand and Brand initiatives globally, along with providing the Brand local relevance and excitement. Sourcing high impact locations is without doubt more of a who-knows-who relationship in order to secure the ideal site. Primecorp’s Retail Team, comprised of Candice Lerner-Fry and her steadfast team including Chris Turvill, Kristen Coulas & Jaclyn Bates, is without a doubt a team that is heavily engaged and entrenched in what makes Ottawa the Capital of Canada. Candice’s unwavering dedication and thorough understanding of Ottawa and the Starbucks Experience allows Primecorp to continue to source ideal locations such as the first Canadian Starbucks Reserve Bar providing a fully immersive coffee experience located at 62 York Street in Ottawa’s Byward Market. - Darren Hocking, Starbucks Coffee Canada

New Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar is All About The Experience

Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar Experience Ottawa Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar Experience

Much like the luxury retailers flocking to Ottawa, this new Starbucks Reserve Bar location is about experience and that experience starts with the micro-lot selections afforded to you. In addition to the traditional Starbucks coffee offerings, the Reserve Coffee Bar offers an immersive coffee experience using a variety of brewing methods including Siphon-brewed coffee, Nitro cold brew, Clover-brewed, and Pour-Over.

These methods serve to best highlight the profiles offered in Starbucks’ Reserve selection of coffees and each step of the process may be explained by specially trained partners, who have achieved the status of Coffee Masters; these Coffee Masters can provide the most discerning coffee connoisseurs with a fully immersive experience, which includes the art and science of each unique brewing technique.

After 4pm, there is yet more to discover as customers are able to enjoy Starbucks Evenings; a menu featuring a selection of international wines and local craft beer as well as savoury plates to sample and share.

Design of Canada’s First Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar Inspired by History of Ottawa and Byward Market

Starbucks’ design of Canada’s first Reserve Coffee Bar was inspired by the history of Ottawa and the Byward Market, marrying warm yet sleek wooden décor and bronze highlights with the existing masonry.

 […] Byward Market is where Ottawa was born. York Street was the farmer’s market, lined with small shops & taverns. The industry was predominantly made up of lumber mills & ateliers and has a long history of fire, both of which inspired the design team with the use of blonde as well as charred black wood throughout the store. – Starbucks Coffee Canada

The Byward Market is such an important and historic part of Ottawa and especially of the Ottawa Retail Market. To bring such a singular type of experience and such a revitalizing force to the Byward Market, to be the agent behind the first Starbucks Reserve Coffee Bar in Canada, is something I’m truly proud of. I couldn’t have done this without my amazing team or the great team at Starbucks. – Candice Lerner-Fry, Primecorp

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