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Joining TCN Worldwide is Just the Latest Chapter of Our Journey in the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Our Success in Commercial Real Estate Began with a Small Bedrock Foundation in 1998

Primecorp Commercial Realty Inc. has come a very long way since our humble beginnings in 1998 when our four founding partners, Aik Aliferis, Sam Firestone, Steve Lerner and Nick Pantieras sat down over a meal in Aik’s kitchen to forge a highly successful partnership spanning nearly two decades. Our founders were all seasoned real estate pros, but had decided to move on from their current brokerages to forge their own company, and take on the challenges of the commercial real estate market head on.

Primecorp Gains National Attention in the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Today, 18 years later, Primecorp is one of the top commercial real estate brokerages in the national capital, with an all star cast of 19 licensed sales reps and brokers along with our four founding partners, several dedicated administrators and office assistants and a variety of high profile clients. What’s more, our success is based on old fashioned ethics like hard work and solid relationships. This just goes to show what a small group of dedicated individuals with an inspired sense of vision can achieve, over the long haul, as depicted recently by the Ottawa Business Journal:

With a staff that consisted of exactly one assistant, the four real estate veterans launched Primecorp in 1998. Today, the firm is the fifth-largest commercial real estate brokerage in the city, according to OBJ’s Book of Lists, with about 15 brokers and a roster of clients that ranges from locally owned stores to major chains such as McDonald’s, Rexall pharmacies and Starbucks… The total value of the company’s deals recently surpassed the $6-billion mark – not bad for the only firm on the top-five list that is based in Ottawa. Ottawa Business Journal

Primecorp’s seasoned and dedicated agents have brokered a multitude of deals of various sizes and degrees of complexity in over 55 cities all across Canada, from our Ottawa headquarters and satellite offices in Toronto, Montreal and Gatineau. For example, last year Primecorp brokered a 136.2 million dollar multi-residential transaction between Skyline Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and publicly traded Boardwalk REIT. Last year, Primecorp also brokered the sale of a pair of iconic landmark assets in Montreal, 1 and 4 Westmount Square, situated in the heart of one of Canada’s wealthiest neighbourhoods:

Aik Aliferis, Chief Executive Officer of Primecorp Commercial Realty added “Prime trophy real estate is seldom able to be acquired. Creccal Investments Ltd. has been able to secure a Montreal landmark that is traditionally kept for generations. We are pleased that our relationship with our international client Elad gave us the incredible opportunity to be their advisor in this process and working with our JLL colleagues created a win-win result for Elad and Creccal Investments.” Primecorp Newsroom

Primecorp Joins TCN Worldwide to Expand Our Global Reach

Since its inception, Primecorp has become a nationally recognized brokerage in the Canadian commercial real estate market, but why should our success stay within the boarders of Canada? Recently we joined TCN Worldwide, a leading international consortium of independent commercial real estate firms, with reach around the globe: “TCN Worldwide is comprised of over 800 commercial real estate professionals serving more than 200 primary and secondary markets worldwide.” Yahoo Finance

This strategic business decision, takes Primecorp’s reach to an all new level on the international stage, and is a highly welcomed development by our core leadership team:

Sam Firestone LL.B, COO, Co-Founding and Managing Partner, and Broker of Record at Primecorp Commercial Realty, said, "Joining TCN Worldwide is an exciting new chapter in our firm's history. My partners, Steve Lerner, Aik Aliferis, Nick Pantieras, and I are confident that this new partnership will bring tremendous opportunities to our company… Working as a member of the TCN family is truly a value-add proposition, as we are able to associate with like-minded professionals around the world. We look forward to working with TCN affiliates in the near future."  PR Newswire

Primecorp Takes Social Responsibility to Heart

For all of our success in the commercial real estate market, we at Primecorp strive to stay true to our roots and recognize our position as a contributing member of the communities in which we live and work. As we endeavour to be a socially responsible company, we’ve been involved in a variety of noteworthy charity events and campaigns over the years. Most recently we had the honour of being a platinum sponsor of Music for the Heart, a stellar orchestral fundraising event, held at the National Arts Centre in February in support of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute:

The sold-out room of 160 heard from Nick Pantieras, a founding partner at Primecorp Commercial Realty, as well as a founding member and current chair of Leaders at Heart. “I think this is the first event run by Greeks that started on time,” he joked at the opening of his remarks.

On a more personal note, Pantieras expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the “world-class facility” located “right in our backyard.” Almost 12 years ago, he found himself at the Heart Institute after suffering a heart attack while playing hockey. He underwent bypass surgery and rehabilitation.

“I’m indebted personally to the Institute for the care I received in a moment of crisis,” said Pantieras, who’s also on the Heart Institute Foundation board. “My family is truly grateful and I’m truly grateful.” Ottawa Citizen

The Primecorp Business Journey Continues

The Primecorp story continues to unfold as we press on with our exciting work on some of the most amazing and high profile commercial real estate deals within Canada and abroad, leveraging the latest marketing technologies and forging new and dynamic alliances. All the while, we take pride in developing our talented roster of in-house sales reps and brokers guided by the solid, vintage business principles we have honed over many years. We are happy to be recognized by our local media, not only for our business acumen and achievements, but equally for our contributions in the community, as a socially responsible company. Stay tuned as we continue to write the next, exciting instalments of our thoroughly enjoyable business journey!


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