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The importance of competent Landlord Representation

One of the hardest things about being an owner of commercial properties is dealing with the ever-changing challenges of the marketplace.  As Canada has recently seen with retailers fumbling to gain a foothold in the market place (see Target), many of the landowners who lease their land, do so without representation.  And this, at their own peril.  Not knowing the ins and outs of contracts or how to negotiate a deal can provide a long-term headache.

One of Primecorp's chief objectives is effective CRE. This may sound pretty straightforward in the abstract, but the details of effective management are not learned overnight.

Primecorp's has been a leading force in Canada's commercial real estate industry for nearly two decades. With over $6 billion in transactional experience, we remain among the real estate industry's leaders in shaping the commercial landscape.

During this time, we have learned that representing a landlord means understanding that landlord's needs.  After all, not every owner can handle their entire portfolio of holdings on their own.  In some cases, owners prefer to delegate the task of representation while they focus on the bigger picture items.

We're often asked what makes us better than our competition, and that is an understandable question.  As a proudly Canadian company headquartered in our nation's capital, Ottawa (and with offices in Toronto and Montreal), we understand the unique challenges that Canadian-based landlords face. Our proven experience has given us the tools necessary to handle the many business dilemmas that landlords face.

We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.


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