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Want to Get the Most Out of Your Office Space?

Landlords finding themselves with vacant office space while waiting for the next tenant may want to look more closely at the new Breather app. In fact, joining the Breather community could generate higher returns than conventional office space rental.

The Breather app allows landlords to maintain full ownership of office units while splitting profits with the Breather firm.  What's more, it benefits small budget businesses that do not have the money for full office rental.

With the Smartphone Breather application, users rent downtown area workspace on an hourly basis from one hour to a full day paying rates from 15 to 40 dollars per hour.  Taking advantage of the current trend of home-based and self-employed workers has allowed the Breather founders to grow their business in the online short-term rental service and raise more than $7 million in venture capital.

Since 2013, co-founder Julien Smith has steadily built a workspace network by searching for fully furnished and Wi-Fi connected underutilized space in office buildings.  While most clients use the rooms for work, there have been cases of executives catching up on sleep between flights and mothers using the private space to breastfeed their baby.

Other examples of individual’s using the workspace include self-employed graphic designer, Sarah Lazar who became disillusioned with conducting client business meetings in coffee shops.

“I can’t have an office that beautiful. I can’t afford all the stunning furniture in there. It’s nice to go there for a few hours and pretend like it’s mine.”

Says Lazar, who has been a frequent client.

Whether the Breather concept is sustainable long-term is not yet apparent but finding office space is getting easier giving the company more selectivity in the spaces they accept.  Currently available in Montreal and Ottawa, the app will soon launch in Toronto.

Our team has both property-specific and local market expertise.  Please contact us for advice on market pricing and property positioning to maximize return while minimizing risk.


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